August 23, 2022 In News, Noteworthy Cases & Recent Work

To Bequeath or Not to Bequeath?

A Note on the Importance of a Will. A will is one of the most important documents a person will ever sign in their lifetime. It is the legally recognized means by which a person’s…

August 17, 2022 In News, Noteworthy Cases & Recent Work

Wills Week (12th to 16th of Sept)

Barnaschone Attorneys will be participating in National Wills Week which is taking place from the 12th to 16th of September 2022. During Wills Week, our attorneys can assist you in drafting and preparing a standard…


Living Wills

What is a living will? Simply put, a living will is a document that sets out a person’s express wishes with regard to decisions made in respect of themselves and/or their bodies, when such person…